A small business, pawstruck

The emblem pawstruck dog bone comes in flavors of Beef, Cheese, and Bacon, Peanut Butter, are available in semi-Damp, through an era range explanation of all the daily life stages for all particular breed of dog dimensions.

About the item

A peanut butter, dairy products bacon, and meat-loaded dog bones can be bought in the Range Pack. Made in the usa so that the finest and most secure possible canine chews, the packed bone fragments for canines is. The Midwest digesting center conforms with the very best quality certainty criteria and free of charge-array and lawn-fed cattle resources. Furthermore, dog bone external inspectors audit, check out, and accept our plant life.

The impact of the dog bone product or service

These dental assessments assistance to take away hazardous plaque buildup and tartar, which increase all round oral health. These dentistry dog bones clean the pearly whites and also allow them to glow.

The delivers offered

For a few people, a lot of packages presented are also charge-saving. Obtain volume femur bones. All round we certainly have volume dog bone in 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, and greater styles. Cater to a cheaper value per bone tissue by putting a bigger purchase.

The ingredients employed

Pawstruck takes pleasure in making use of only all-natural, higher-good quality goods that do not affect taste.Cow esophagus, lamb ears, beef muscle mass, potato dinner, along with other substances exist.

Promoting the tiny organization

Small Company Assistance, the Pawstruck owns and operates in the states right here. A firm that consists of like-minded dog owners who want to offer and create goods that are 100% behind us.

To summarize, slowly and gradually roast the American-created dog bones to keep dogs in the all-natural flavoring of meats and smokiness that puppies love. Acquire that bone fragments to hold the canine active.