Features necessary in an OEM manufacturing company

You could develop your own brand products (produk jenama sendiri) dengan modal rendahwith the help of a cosmetic OEM. However, it should have the following features.
Responsibility for mistakes
At times, all manufacturers would miss something during the production of a cosmetic product. You could find differences in the quality of the produced product from your requirements. In such cases, your manufacturer should be ready to take responsibility for the mistake and they should strive to avoid such incidents in your next orders. However, when the manufacturer denies the mistake on their side, unwanted arguments would develop and your business would not go smooth. So, it is advisable to choose an OEM manufacturer who would be responsible in the first place.
Capacity to manufacture
You may be looking for a manufacturer who can supply a specific level of products. However, the requirements for the type, quality, and several products will differ with each buyer depending on the scale of their business. If you are looking for something big, your supplier should have the capacity to produce the products on that scale. They should have the equipment, labor, raw materials, formulations, and everything that could match to bring the product you wish for. So, you should check whether the OEM company is capable of satisfying your needs. If the company seems out of fit for your requirements, you should go to the next one.
Facility for quality assurance
You will not be impressed if the manufacturer could not provide you the finished products with desired quality. So, it is your responsibility to make sure there is a facility in the manufacturing unit for the assurance of the quality of all the finished products. Sometimes, the manufacturer could tie-up with a third-party company for this process. However, there should be a facility to do so.